slow visual update waveform/spectrograph

how can set waveform/spectrograph to be shown in realtime as i record ?
Now i have a few seconds delay before the recording is drawn on the screen in around 5 second chunks .

picture attached

I`m using linux mint 20 and audactiry installed from ppa/software manager. version is 2.3.3.
Screenshot from 2021-03-01 01-06-57.png

If you reduce the resolution* of the spectrogram it will be drawn quicker, (less processing).
If you need higher resolution later you can turn it up after you’ve made the recording.

[* resolution is confusingly called “window size” … Spectrogram Settings - Audacity Manual]

Curiously, I set the Window size all the way down to 8 = most wideband (was 1024). Still updated in 5-second chunks. Just for fun I tried 32768 = most narrowband. Still updated in 5-second chunks although display was much choppier. :question:

Yes, it will do.
The spectrogram is calculated only when the data exists on disk. The data is written in (approx) 6 second chunks.

Sorry my mistake*, I was thinking of the time taken to render the spectrogram of audio already in Audacity,
rather than rendering in real-time as it is recorded.

[ * In my defence, I was using a computer which did not have Audacity when I wrote that post, so could not check ].

Audacity’s competitor OCENaudio displays the spectrogram of recorded audio in less than a second
Like Audacity, OCENaudio is available, for free, for PC, Mac & Linux.
It’s not as powerful an editor as Audacity, but you could transfer recordings to Audacity for editing.