Slow startup since 2.0.3

With silverlight and Audacity all went fine today!

Why Audacity 2.0.3 starts in 2 seconds, while 2.0.5 , 2.0.6 need 40 seconds?
I guess that its due to Norton realtime automatic scan, very good until 2.0.3 .
Thanks for investigating.

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Does this slow launch occur every time or only the first?

If you exclude Audacity from Norton scanning, does that speed up launch?


Hi Gale,

this happen only on the first launch, the seconds, third is ok! now I tried to launch again: 2 seconds from doubleclick.

oh I have to learn a little how to exclude Audacity.exe from Norton in real time scan…
but until 2.0.3 was super. I noticed this starting with 2.0.5 (I never had 2.0.4).


on both my PC with Vista32 (Norton/Comodo), I notice that 2.1.0 needs 40 seconds at the first opening attempt, then 2 seconds only.
what to do?

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I don’t have Norton but for me on Windows 7 or 8, if Audacity is quit then it always takes between 20 and 40 seconds to load. Subsequent launches after quit are not noticeably faster, though I might agree they are sometimes a very little faster. Perhaps Windows caches some information that it needed to gather when first launching Audacity.

I don’t see any great difference with 2.0.3. I only have such limited real time protection as Microsoft “Security Essentials” (Windows 7) and “Windows Defender” (Windows 8) provide because with regular scans with Malwarebytes I’ve found I simply don’t need more than that.

Audacity does a lot of work when it launches especially in searching for and loading LAME and FFmpeg and in polling your sound devices.

When you launch Audacity next time in two seconds, are you launching it after quit or opening a new window in current Audacity?

Does telling your security applications not to monitor Audacity make it launch faster first time?


Hi, thanks for your reply.

Now I switched to Comodo (Norton is too heavy, even for firefox). This is the one and only security suite, no WDefender.
I dont find how to add an exception for audacity in comodo CIS8.

Yes! re-launching audacity (not in a new window, but closing it, and re-opening it) = 2-3 seconds. But the first launch is very very slow, too much. But between october and now it was much faster at the first boot, much faster load time. its strange. now I am again very slow at the first launch.


Does this help:


anyway, why comodo (and norton) check audacity .exe only after reboot?
if its due to comodo and norton (why the problem happens with audacity.exe only, and not with vlc, mpc-hc, firefox.exe, mediainfo.exe, txmuxer.exe, 4kvideodownloader.exe … ??) I should notice slowness even when I re-open audacity, I guess.
Attention: not all the builds are affected! this problem does not arise with ALL previous builds.

In my opinion there is something wrong in audacity, otherwise what antivirus is required for audacity? avira? avc? :wink:

As to why AV scanners check Audacity and not VLC and others:

Heuristic scanning seems to have a problem with some code in audio software. Some plugins show the same problem, f.i.

VLC is also more widely known and could be on an internal exclude list. Internal to the AV scanner. So it’s more a question for the makers of the scanner.

And since Audacity is open source, some people have mader their own versions. Some with extra’s, or enhancements they needed, but also some with some form of malware included. There isn’t anything the Audacity devs can do about that, but it could be a reason why AV scanners are more suspicious about Audacity…

If you follow the instructions I posted for you, then Comodo should not real-time scan what Audacity is doing. This is a good step to take because virus scanning when Audacity records can cause dropouts in the recording . Does that make any difference?

Previous to which version - 2.0.3?

I don’t see that 2.0.2 is any faster on my machine either. As I said, all I have is Microsoft’s own real-time scanning which does not use much resources. But if you visit sites such as where you can obtain torrent files for videos and software, you probably should have strong real-time and heuristics scanning running.


Bad news :frowning:

  1. No torrent here.
  2. I added audacity.exe to comodo exclusion. reboot.

39 seconds.

Second launch: 1,5 seconds.

what is causing this slowness?

CPU 5%, total ram: 60%

Please see my previous answer.


since we established that nothing depends from comodo and windows defender and in real time protection.
really does lame require 40 seconds for loading? in this case I should notice slowness with ez-cd audio of poikosoft too.
ok I guess that there are no solutions.

I doubt it - look at Help > Show Log… to see how long the search or load for LAME and FFmpeg takes.

If you use Audacity every day you could add it to your Startup group so that the delay on first launch takes place when Windows loads and when you’ll be waiting anyway.


please dont ask to me why today audacity requires 3 second at the first boot.

16.29.09: Audacity 2.1.0
16.29.09: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries…
16.29.09: Trying to load FFmpeg libraries from default path, ‘C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\avformat-55.dll’.
16.29.09: Looking up PATH environment variable…
16.29.09: PATH = ‘C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\hp\bin\Python;C:\Program Files\Common Files\DivX Shared;C:\Program Files\Common Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem;C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common’
16.29.09: Checking that ‘C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity’ is in PATH…
16.29.09: Avviso:FFmpeg directory ‘C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity’ is not in PATH.
16.29.09: Temporarily prepending ‘;C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity’ to PATH…
16.29.09: Checking for monolithic avformat from ‘C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\avformat-55.dll’.
16.29.09: Errore: Impossibile trovare il simbolo ‘avutil_version’ nella libreria dinamica (errore 127: impossibile trovare la procedura specificata.)
16.29.09: Errore: Impossibile trovare il simbolo ‘avcodec_version’ nella libreria dinamica (errore 127: impossibile trovare la procedura specificata.)
16.29.09: avformat not monolithic
16.29.09: Loading avutil from ‘avutil-52.dll’.
16.29.09: Loading avcodec from ‘avcodec-55.dll’.
16.29.09: Loading avformat from ‘C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\avformat-55.dll’.
16.29.09: Returning PATH to previous setting…
16.29.09: Actual avutil path C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\avutil-52.dll
16.29.09: Actual avcodec path C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\avcodec-55.dll
16.29.09: Actual avformat path C:\Program Files\FFmpeg for Audacity\avformat-55.dll
16.29.09: Importing symbols…
16.29.09: All symbols loaded successfully. Initializing the library.
16.29.09: Retrieving FFmpeg library version numbers:
16.29.09: AVCodec version 0x373466 - 55.52.102 (built against 0x373466 - 55.52.102)
16.29.09: AVFormat version 0x372164 - 55.33.100 (built against 0x372164 - 55.33.100)
16.29.09: AVUtil version 0x344264 - 52.66.100 (built against 0x344264 - 52.66.100)
16.29.09: FFmpeg libraries loaded successfully.