Slow/laggy interface

Seems to happen when working with several tracks at once. One track only a few minutes in length doesn’t seem to affect much.

Scrolling up and down, clicking, dragging, and selecting tracks and waveforms, zooming in/out, changing gain per track, etc is just sometimes painfully slow, laggy, and generally unresponsive.

My specs are more than enough to run everything smoothly.

Windows 10 64-bit
Audacity 2.4.2
Intel Core i7 6700k
EVGA GTX 1080ti

And to top it all off…everything is running from an SSD

I’ve tried reinstalling Audacity and messing with the preferences but nothing seems to work :frowning:

How many tracks and how long is the project?
Are you running Audacity full screen on a high definition monitor?

Several (usually 10-15) tracks about 2-4 minutes each

Also yes I have a 1440p monitor and usually run Audacity in full screen but even working in a smaller window causes lag

Here’s a debug report (15.3 KB)

Try reducing the color mode to 16-bit (Right click on audacity.exe and open “Properties”. The color mode is set in the “compatibility” settings).

No change

I have the exact same experience. I’m editing maybe 3 tracks at a time. Pan/zoom/select/import - anything any everything seems to bring on the spinning wheel.

Macs give the spinning wheel when a job or task takes longer than the time allotted to it. You have a bottleneck or restriction somewhere. Your forum identity says you’re on Windows.

What else do you have running? Do you use cloud storage? How full is your internal drive?

Do you have a spinning metal drive? When was the last time you restarted your machine?

When you perform some actions, Audacity saves a copy of the whole show. So each filter and effect you apply can be a lot more data intense than you think.

Some virus protection programs insist on critically inspecting all drive actions as you work. That can really slow things down.


When I work on a project an hour long, things get a little slow/laggy, but then again, my PC isn’t as fast as yours. :wink:

In your case, lets see 4 x 15 = 1 hour; yes, definitely quite slow on my machine… :frowning:

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Still having the same issue years later. I have even reinstalled Windows (not because of this problem but for other reasons).

IIRC Audacity still only uses one core, (even if you have four).