Slight hum accompanying voice but not quiet sections

Hi all,

Noob here trying to record some voice instructions.

I am using a Sennheiser E835 connected via a Kadence XLR cable to a Yamaha AG03 connected via USB (C to A) to a Linux Thinkpad.

To record, I use OBS Studio with these filters -

  • noise gate (close: -60dB, open: -55dB, attack - 25ms, hold - 200ms, release - 150ms)
  • noise suppression (RNNoise)
  • gain : 10dB

OBS exports in mp4 format. I use ffmpeg -i INPUT.mp4 OUTPUT.wav to get the audio file to use with Audacity.

The recording has sibilance with the S syllables, I have some ideas how to fix it.

Thanks to the filters, the quiet sections on the track are quite quiet. No problems here. The mic also doesn’t pick up much background noise.

My main problem is that the voice sections have a slight “buzz” , for lack of a better word. This is more noticeable at high volumes.

I have attached a .wav file to show the problem. I just selected a section of the recording and exported it, no edits in Audacity.

Really appreciate any tips to clean the voice sections.

I can’t hear any hum, but there is whistly sibilance, which is fixable with the free Audacity plugin called desibilator

desibilator suggested settings

[before-after desibilator]

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Thanks, Trebor! I’ll try the desibilator plugin.

The buzz/hum is audible when listened to at highest volume on VLC. The quiet parts are still quiet but the voice parts sound a bit buzzy.

The only volume-dependent issue issue I can hear is resonance, (e.g. @ 127Hz ),
which is due to the dimensions of the space you record in.
[ 129Hz for this > $3K booth ].

There are plugins which automagically remove resonance …

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