Slight echo

Im playing some old cassettes in my small mus centre… feeding the sound
into my comp and recording with audacity

Been doing this for a week or so … getting good quality recordings.

Suddenly today Im playing the cassette but getting an echo on the sound making it
painful to listen to … but the recording in audacity when I play it back … is perfect … no problem

I could go on but wondering … any idea to stop this echo … kind of double voice ?

thanks for any comment or advice …

Are you listening to the computer or the music center? Both? I expect the computer sound to be late compared to the music center.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording. What is selected?


Make sure you’ve selected the physical connection you’re using as your [u]Recording Device[/u] (i.e. Line-in on your soundcard, or USB, etc.). “Stereo Mix” or “Loopback” can sometimes create a feedback loop.

YES I reaalize this prob has nothing to do with audacity …

I have a line going out of my desktop comp from the audio socket into a small sony
mus centre which normaly… gives me good sound and I can record audio from comp onto cassette

I take the cable out of the comp and suddenly get perf quality sound … now from my TV
( I surf the net on TV )

I put the cable back in the earphone socket on my desktop comp … play a video file and the sound is ok …

so its only when I play a cassette on my phillips mus centre that Im getting this aweful double voice …

very unusual … for the time being though I can solve it by unplugging from the earphone socket in my comp and listening
to the cassette via TV … in good quality … at same time recording with audacity !

strange how Ive had no prob for past week or so … recorded about 7 hours into audacity no probs !