Slight Delay when monitoring

Hi Folks,

There is slight delay when I speak into the microphone and when the voice appears through the speakers. Also a slight ringing feedback. My settings in the control panel for recording/playback are Realtek HD Audio. I’ve recorded before and never had a problem. Now I can’t get rid of this echo. Please help!


Any time you have a speaker and microphone in the same room, you may get feedback. That’s why the grownups all use headphones for live performance.

So that’s normal.

The trick of avoiding the real time echo is to select the microphone (or input system) in the Windows Play panel. If you do it in the recording panel alone, the sound has to go through the system to get back out – usually late.


Thanks for your response Koz. But how do I select the microphone in the Windows play panel? You mean the control panel? And what is the recording panel? In the Control Panel the default device is the RealTek HD Audio Input. And the advanced tab is not highlighted for me to select another device.

Thanks for your help!

I figured it out man.

I figured it out man.

How? Remember this is a dialog and people are watching.


Annoying when they do that isn’t it.

My guess is that he enabled playback of the microphone in the RealTek control panel (icon near the time/date in the lower right corner of the Desktop).