slight "boxy" sound on voice recording

Hi - just did an interview for podcast and subject sounds great, but my voice has a slight “boxy” sound. I clearly was not properly positioned for the mic and this isn’t a big deal, but if there’s an easy way to adjust it, I’d love to learn.



Equalization can help, but it’s bespoke: you’d have to attach a few seconds of audio to enable readers to suggest settings.

Hopefully this did it. Thank you!

There’s a lot of reverberation on that.
Reverb(eration) is largely incurable. Expanders like couture can reduce it a little.
IMO sacrificing the bass & de-essing improves intelligibility …

so there’s no easy way in Audacity to reduce the reverb?


There are De-reverb plug-in$ …

but IMO they’re only useful to reduce slight reverb, (your example is strong reverb).