Sliding Stretch Issues

I recently upgraded from Version 2.3.x to Version 3.1.3 and I’m having issues with using the Sliding Stretch effect. Normally, what I do is:

  1. Identify the start and end points for the audio that needs stretching
  2. Press “Z” to move the cursor to zero crossings
  3. Split the audio at the start and end points
  4. Highlight the audio and apply the Sliding Stretch effect
  5. Highlight a small portion of audio before and after the split points and use the Repair effect.

Before I upgraded, that procedure worked flawlessly. Now, I hear distinct popping noises at the start and end points, even when I only use the “Final Tempo Change %” box.

Attached is a sample. Any advice or suggestions to work around this issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Original.aup3 (1.64 MB)

You could select the first 10ms or so of the “modified” audio and apply a “Fade In”.

That’s not always effective for stereo tracks as the left and right channels may cross zero at different times (as is the case in the “original” sample).

Steve - in my first split, the audio was at zero for both channels. However, after splitting and applying the Sliding Stretch, the end point of the left hand side break and the start point of the right hand side break jumped above and below zero. It seems like the break points should have remained at zero.
Sliding Stretch1.jpg

This is the “original” that you posted, and the left channel is a little above zero.

First Track000.png

Just to provide an update on this, I created an issue on Github on March 6, 2022 (#2637).

It is still open and identified as a bug. Until the bug is fixed in a later release, as a workaround, I created a macro that circumvents the issue (see attachment). The only unusual thing that needs to be done is to stretch both sides of the audio 0.01 seconds longer than you intended to.

I hope this helps. I’ve tried it over 100 times with various audio clips from my piano recordings and I no longer hear the clicking, popping and thumping noises.
05 - Cut and Repair Both.txt (485 Bytes)