Sliding stretch crash

Hi. I want to report something. I don’t know if it’s a bug or maybe I’m trying to use Audacity for something it wasn’t design for. I have an old family tape that the audio is progressively shifting from the video up to 3 secs in an hour. It’s something minor, but the delay between the video and audio annoys me. So I detached the audio to try to fix it using the “Sliding stretch” effect. The problem is when I set the final tempo to 0.083%, the program crashes. It seems the final percentage is too low.

Is the “Sliding stretch” effect designed to handle long audio files and low final tempo % ?
thanks in advance

PS: the others parameters are set to 0

So you are making this way too complicated. Firstly you just want to stretch this, not do a sliding stretch. Secondly as the change is so small, you want to ignore pitch changes, so you just need to do change speed.

Also, when you do the change speed, don’t even bother with the arithmetic, just enter you target length, for example, 1 hour and 3 seconds or 59 minutes, 57 seconds for a 1 hour recording.

hi, thanks for your reply. I thought the “change speed” effect would change the speed of the entire track on average, but what I need is that it does it progressively. It seems the video was recorded at 30fps and the audio at 25 or 29.97fps or so. That’s why the gap between the audio and the video get wider in time.

I have nothing further to add to this conversation.

Perhaps someone else will have some input.

Ok, thanks again for your insight

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