Skype recording edit separate channels

I have a Skype recording that was a .mov file and I’ve opened it in Audacity 2.0. In Audacity it is 2 tracks; one for the caller and one for the person on the other phone. I would like to split this tracks so I can edit each one separately. Any ideas on how to do this?


If you already had two separate people as stereo, use the drop-down menu to the left of the track and “Split Stereo Track.” You can then edit and filter each side independently of the other and recombine them the same way.

If you meant to say you had one track with two people mixed together on it? No. That’s why we recommend Pamela Business or Pamela Professional or Total Recorder on Windows machines. That will give you near and far on separate tracks and you can edit or apply filters as you wish.

Did you get this split track from another Mac? How did you do that?

Thanks. I will try that.
I’m using a Mac and a program called Call Recorder, which creates this file.


Works perfectly. Thanks.