Skype calls record only sound effects no voices

Hi, I’m really new to this and trying to figure out how to record a Skype call on Audacity 2.3.3 using Windows 10 for podcasting. I know that I can’t simultaneously record my mic and the sound coming from Skype, so I figured I would just use my computer’s mic to record my voice and do all one track. It’s okay if the sound quality isn’t as good as with my Yeti microphone. When I follow the instructions I’ve found online and test using Echo Sound Service, Audacity records the sound effects signalling the beginning and end of a Skype call but neither my nor the bot’s voice. The settings I have on are WASAPI, Microphone Stereo Mix (which I enabled in the Windows sound settings), Stereo or Mono (neither works), Speakers (Realtek HD Audio). The only time I have been able to record both the bot’s voice and the sound effects coming from Skype was when I had my Yeti mic plugged in and the settings were: WASAPI, Microphone (Yeti Stereo Mic loopback), Mono recording channel, Speakers (Yeti Mic). In this case, I can’t record my voice at all. I honestly find this all very confusing and don’t understand how to simply record a call. I tried to do it directly in Skype, but it was not an option to record the call when I was doing my test call with Echo. Perhaps it would work if I were calling a person?

Appreciate any help with this.


You can’t use the Skype machine for anything else. That’s the trick.

Record the mixed performance on your phone or other recorder placed between you and the computer speakers.

There is a ridiculous extension of that where I used two computers and a small sound mixer.

That worked insanely well, but was overkill. The machine on the right is running Skype. Full Stop. The machine on the left is recording the show in Audacity and playing iTunes music into the performance. I wanted to see how much of that I could get away with without post-production editing.

That part was a mess, but the voices came out OK.

The machine on the left could have been a phone or simple sound recorder. It didn’t have be another computer.

There are postings from people who managed to get one machine to do a composite podcast with Skype, but they are celebrity unicorns. One-Offs. That’s usually followed by pages and pages of postings from people who set up the exact same way and it didn’t work. That’s normal.

Since you’re on Windows, you might be able to use Pamela software.