Skype audio

My skype audio is coming in too hot. How do I lower it ? Thanks

My skype audio is coming in too hot.

There’s a first. Audacity does not do well recording Skype and the complaint is almost always your voice is OK and the far side voice is either too low, distorted or zero. Is that the real question? I can’t think of a condition where the far side voice would be too loud compared to your local voice.

How are you recording Skype? Is this a multi-party podcast or interview? Describe the show.

We do have Celebrity Unicorns. People who turn on Audacity, connect to Skype and record a podcast and go home. That’s how Chase is doing it.

Reel Life Podcast

We’re looking at him like he’s magic and he’s looking at us like we’re nuts. Most people don’t get away with that.