This is the second time I’m posting about having issues with skips/or dropouts. The first time, I was told to zoom all the way out so that all of the audio I’m recording is visible. I did that, and everything had been working okay until recently when I recorded a half out phone interview with someone and started hearing skips about 10 minutes in. Unlike with drop outs, it did not notify me at all, and I only discovered them when listening back.

I’ve been using audacity for 15 years and this is the first time that any of this has happened to me. It seems very weird that after that long with no problems that this would come up.

I’m using a MacBook Air. Any help would be appreciated.

How are you recording the phone interview?
Is this a “land line” phone, mobile, voip, other?
Are the “skips” silent gaps, or are there bits missing?
Is the problem with your voice, or the person on the other end of the call?