Skips near end of long recording

I’m running Audacity on Sierra 10.12.5.

I used Audacity to record an hour-long interview, but both the .aup file and the .mp3 I exported are only about 45 minutes; the interview is recorded from beginning to end, but starting at around 35 or 40 minutes in, there are big skips in the recording. Is there any way to recover this data? The last 20 minutes of the interview are, naturally, the most important—and this is one of the most important interviews (for my job) I’ve ever done (it’s with a high government official in a foreign country). So I’m kind of freaking out here.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

It’s a bad sign when nobody’s posted back by now.

You should be on Audacity 2.1.3 from here.

And then do the last Mac update. I think they fixed several streaming content and USB problems.

Here’s a thread we posted featuring “app nap” It’s a battery saving feature that you can disable for Audacity. I don’t remember anybody having trouble with it getting worse as the recording progresses, though.

Are you running out of hard drive, or are you not recording on the Mac internal drive?

Go (top of screen) > Computer > Control-click on the hard drive (Mine is Macintosh HD). > Get INFO.

Mine says 250GB memory and I have 12GB left. I would be deleting a couple of movies to get more room before I tried to record any sound performance.

I don’t know of any way to retrieve any work after the machine does that.


(it’s with a high government official in a foreign country)

I’m just now putting that together. Are you recording Skype, Chat or other voice sharing program? Audacity doesn’t do that so well. We recommend a recording program designed for the service you’re using—or, if you’re obsessive (holding hand up), two computers.

Trying to record Skype on Audacity can be very unstable.