Hello I am Currently Using A Tascam Recording Device and hooking it up to my Mixer When Djing, Usually My Mixes record normally nut since I updated my macbook to oS Sierra My Recordings Keeps coming out repeating words and skippin/fastforwarding my transitions. Is there a away i can edit what i recoded to fix this problem and how can i prevent this from happening next time i record a mix, Can Someone Please Help !

Do you have the latest Sierra 10.12.5? This should have some fixes for USB Audio if you have a Tascam USB interface.

What is the actual model number of the Tascam? What is the make and model number of the mixer? Are you recording from Tascam into Audacity? If so, see this FAQ:

Also, turn off all other un-necessary applications when recording.


I am using a Tascam US 122 MK II USB a Denon DMx120 mixer and os sierra for a macbook The Recording basically keeps fast forwarding the transitions to the next songs almost like those radio music commercials showing you samples of the songs on their station and after the song changes it just keeps repeating the words like its looping the word stalling the tracks movement…

Audacity doesn’t apply effects or filters in real time. The best we can do is reliably record what’s provided by the machine.

The Tascam doesn’t seem to provide effects and signal processing…

It could be Sierra periodically forgetting to forward the sound to Audacity. Sierra has that nap thing it does to preserve battery life. I bet the Audacity show is shorter than the real musical show.
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 09.55.57.png

Thank you So much my Friend it worked

Thank you So much my Friend it worked

Thanks for reporting back.


Note that the FAQ I pointed you to already contains the suggestion to turn off App Nap just for Audacity. If you want to preserve battery it is not a good idea to turn off AppNap globally.

From the page Koz cites

This is really an advanced setting to toggle off and most users should leave this feature turned on, specifically because it benefits those concerned about energy usage or maintaining the longest battery life possible.


My Air has all of its features left running and it has stunning long battery life. I don’t need to look for the Starbucks tables next to the wall outlets any more.

I haven’t tried to record work on it yet…