Skipping while recording with RODE NT-USB microphone

I’m wanting to record freelance voiceovers as a side gig. I have a Rode NT-USB microphone that I’ve used successfully in the past on my old computer, but now I have a M1 MacBook Air, and it won’t stop skipping no matter what I try. I’ve closed every other window, I’ve lowered the default sample format, I’ve increased the buffer length.

The audio sounds fine when I just use the laptop microphone, so that means it must be an issue with the microphone. Is this a sign that the microphone itself is broken?

Yes, but didn’t you say the same microphone works fine on another computer ?

Did you try disconnecting the internet?

Did you try a different USB cable or USB port ?

Counter-intuitively, a buffer size less than 100ms seconds sometimes works, try for example, 50ms.

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Never mind! I just hadn’t turned up the sampling rate quite enough, it works now.

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