Skipping/Stuttering Audio during playback

I’m pretty sure this is not a new occurance, but I’m not finding any effective resolution to this problem (“bug,” if you will) concerning skipping or stuttering audio during playback of an audio file.
This is not only and extreme concern to me but it is quite frustrating when trying to record another track with the audio file.
I’ve downloaded the newest version of Audacity, I’ve cleaned my C Drive for ample space, I’ve even placed the Audacity program on “high priority” in the computer performance tab of my Task Manager settings. I am currently running on Windows 10, 64-bit version.

Any advice or help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The first thing I would do is close all other Windows, particularly your browser, and disconnect from the internet.

Then read and follow the directions on my post here: Play Back Pauses and Skips - #2 by jademan

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