Single Wave from a voice

I’m trying to help my mom and step dad get waveforms of each others’ voice.

I got each of them to send me a recording and i’m trying to reduce it down to a single wave form similar to a heartbeat.

Example image:

Problem is it’s a human voice, bit more compex than that.

What I was thinking I could do it reduce it to a rediculously low quality and edit the crap out of it .
OR I could somehow get the DC waveform from a virtual analog jack… it wouldn’t truly be their voice but the electrical impulses caused by their voice.

Can anyone help me out?

I had another idea. I could zoom into the individual sounds and just take a sample since each is a repeated tone at a particular freq and amp

for example a microsecond sample of the J sound
another of the O
and so on… the actual sound produced by the image on her tattoo would be 4ms long and incomprehensible but I feel like it would be simple enough

You could put almost anything in that artwork and call it good. Your sample is about the waveform for someone breaking a toothpick [snap!]. That’s not someone reciting their name and address.

If you’re after the aww factor, I would try and get recordings of each heartbeat. Since you’re not likely to actually get that, fake recording it and make something up. I suspect strongly that’s what your sample is.


Yes I understand that :confused: and I’ve tried explaining it.

Unfortunately they don’t want heartbeats OR an actual voice waveform.

So either I compress it down to an insect like CLICK or I just draw the averaged shape or something.

I appreciate the feedback.

Just one second of a voice recording contains literally thousands of bits of data. To simplify that down enough to create a nice tattoo you need an “artist’s impression” of the sound rather than the actual sound. Perhaps you could get a recording of them saying just one or two words, perhaps their names, then trim off the noise / silence from the ends of the recording, zoom into the waveform and resize the track so that it is the kind of proportions that you want, then take a screenshot (see: so that you have something like this:
Then print out the image and give it to a good tattoo artist and see what they can come up with.

There’s another idea. This is a monolog “This is the shopper audio test.” as a full waveform and then again with the bottom sheared off. Print that one and carefully trace the tips of the upward peaks. I tried it in Photoshop and it didn’t work because I don’t have a stylus.

One of the sound posting services does their on-line displays like that.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.43.55.png

Another possibility is do something with the spectrogram display. That’s the same monolog.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 19.53.49.png

I can help : don’t get a tattoo.
You could print a design on clothing instead : a SoX spectrogram would look good on a black T-Shirt …

[ I’d prefer a logarithmic frequency scale though ]

Sonic Visualiser has many colourful spectrogram options … "Sonic Visualiser" - Google Zoeken

The Freesound spectrogram looks good if you stretch the image vertically …

Freesound 253387 ''Hello''.jpg

I don’t know why I didn’t type it out when creating the dang thing but this is for TATTOOS

Appreciate the feedback, truly.

Here’s what I did.
I took a signle vibration of each of the sounds and it looks pretty nice… it’s what they wanted but if you were to play the sound it’s like a click or someone tapping on glass lol.

Yes. That’s the single percussive impact (toohpick snap) from my first post. The problem is going to be making them look different. Once you strip away duration and quality, everything starts looking the same.

Are you still going to tell them, “This is your voice…”


" Look at this Mom : I’ve been permanently graffitied , and you’re the reason I’ve had it done ,
and I risked getting hepatitis in the process ".

[ There must be easier ways to upset ones mother ].

There must be easier ways to upset ones mother

…and Trebor.


No I was telling them all about it.
They finally decided on a version of the full waveforms, stylized and colorized.

Post one of the two final graphics.