Single headset for multiple PCs - simultaneous conversations

Hi All. I am a newbie in the subject of audio, and I hope I will be able to get some advice for the setup I would like to achieve.

I would like to have a single headset (+mic) connected to multiple devices (PC computers) supporting following 2 features:

  1. Wireless headset
  2. I can hear all sounds from the connected PCs.
  3. I can switch on-the-fly the channel (PC) to which my voice (via microphone) goes.
  4. Switch the balance of the channel - so I can shift whole sound from PC1 to left hand side, and PC 2 to right hand side.

I use ‘jabra evolve 75’ headset mostly for conference calls at the moment. This is remote headset with mic, and USB input interface. I have bought ‘Maker Hart LOOP MIXER 5’ recently - unfortunately it does not support usb device. It also supports stereo only, so it is good to head something, but not for the mic. I like the option to change balance of the channel

Why I need this for?
I work at the ‘home office’. I have 4 computers, 3 on different VPNs. I use them to communicate with many people, and mostly take part in conferences. I have a lot of overlapping meetings, which take like 2h each, where my activity is needed few times during the meeting time. At the moment I need to shuffle with multiple headsets (mostly my iphone ones), keeping one headset in left ear, second one in the second one. I am getting tired because of this, as it requires to mute/unmute on the different devices/software etc. This is not as reliable as switching or muting using hardware. I would like to stick to one headset (ideally my current jabra evolve 75 with USB connector), and just have some central console (mixing deck?) when I can control what is happening:

  1. Someone calls me on PC 1, I answer, and have a continuous conversation.
  2. I get ping to join some important conference on the PC2, because in 15min there might be some question to me - I can balance my first ‘PC1’ call to the left earphone, and join the ‘PC2’ conference balanced to the right earphone.
  3. I can easily switch my mic to ‘PC2’ channel when I have to say something there, but my ‘PC1’ conversation is muted.

Please advice how can I buildup setup that will support the above requirements.

I see no one has offered any solutions yet? Care to share what you have come up with so far ?

That’s a corporate communications installation. That’s not someone setting up to read for an audiobook or copy over some tapes.

Without being supersonically nit-picky about this, but was there an Audacity question anywhere in there?