Simulating Low Pass filter with Equalization

I am trying to create a chain involving a low pass filter, and have seen an old post on here implying that said filter can be simulated with the Equalization filter. Could someone tell me, using the default parameters of 6dB of rolloff, a filter quality of 0.7, and a cutoff frequency of 1001 Hz for the Low pass, what the parameters would be to create the same effect with the equalization filter?

Maybe the words didn’t come out right. Audacity has a pre-packaged filter called Low Pass Filter. You get to pick the frequency of roll-off, quality, droop slope, etc.

You can create the same filer using the Equalizer tool by clicking and pulling graphic beads up and down, or in the “graphic” view, sliding the knobs up and down. Producing a simple curve in the Equalizer is a waste of time, because the Low Pass has already built the Most Needed curves for you. Where the Equalizer tool shines is custom curves.

Here’s a simple five-point manual low pass filter (scroll sideways).
Screen shot 2011-06-19 at 2.20.11 PM.png
Much better to do that with a Low Pass Filter instead of struggling with the control points.

Here’s a really simple 3-point voice equalizer that you can’t do with pre-programmed tools. (Early version of Audacity)


One extra step that the Equalizer takes is loading a curve. Equalizer launches with the Last Curve Used and you have to Load a new curve if you want a specific job. Equalizer lets you save a curve for use later.


But the Low Pass filter is not available for use in Chains, so the method that you have described with the Equalization effect is the way to go.

Thank you all for your help, however, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not feasible for me to use in a chain (as I don’t have a mouse with horizontal scrolling and thus cannot modify the ~10,000 dB range in the Equalizer), and have done without.

In case anyone was wondering, I was working on a project to synthesize a voice reminiscent of the one in the arcade game “Berzerk.”

I know of a free 1980’s type speech synthesis program for windows …
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You don’t need a mouse with horizontal scrolling to use the Equalizer. What settings are you having trouble with?