Simple Question: Play from Stop Point [SOLVED]

I can’t seem to find an answer to this, and yet it seems so simple…

How do I set Audacity to play from the point I stopped at, after stopping playback before the sound file has played through to its end?

The handy online manual here:

…does not seem to say!

Audacity keeps jumping back to the start of the sound file every time I stop playback mid-file with the space bar.

Stop should mean ‘stop’, not ‘stop and rewind’! :frowning:

There’s a couple of options:

  1. Rather than stopping playback with the Stop button or spacebar, use the Pause button or “P” key. Then click the Pause button (or “P” key) again to resume (un-pause)

  2. If you really want to stop, and set the “play from” position to the point where you stopped, press the “X” key (or “Transport menu > Play > Play/Stop and Set Cursor”).

Steve, you’re a star. Thank you so much! :smiley: