Simple plug-in for creating partial fades

The usual Fade-in/Fade-out effect in Audacity is either a fade from silence to the original level, or from the original level to silence.

This simple effect produces a partial fade.
Just set how much fade you want and click the OK button.

The effect is called “Fade by dB”
fade_by_dB.ny (700 Bytes)

Just what I’ve been needing. I’m fixing large amplitude changes in church recordings from switching to/from the ceiling mic to pick up voices from the congregation. I generally have to amplify the region, but mic picks up everything, so up comes the b/g noise along with the voice. I use Fade by dB to ramp the ends so they match the original level before I boosted it. Doing this with the envelope tool was all guesswork.

I’ve downloaded this plugin- but how do you install of open it- where will it show up on audacity?

Put it in the Audacity Plug-ins folder, then restart Audacity and it will appear in the Effect menu (below “the line”).
On Windows computers, this is usually under “Program Files”. On Mac OS X, it is usually under “Applications”

Thank you sooo much!

Thank you for this.

Shouldn’t this go onto the Nyquist Effect Plug-ins so that more people can find it?