Silent Subliminals [solved?]

Hi all.
Is there a way to extract the subliminal track from an audio?

See: Silent Subliminals [solved?] - #14 by edgar-rft

Hello !

Can someone, please, describe step by step how to install and use the subliminal file ?

I saw some contradictory things on youtube about this. Somebody uses only the plugin with the subliminal.ny and somebody uses the Nyquist Prompt to load the subliminal text file with the subliminal-rft.ny (stating that it had to research to find out that this is the right way)…

Also, which one of the subliminal files, is “better” : subliminal-rft.ny uploaded by Steve or subliminal.ny uploaded by Edgar-rft ?

Thank you !

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Hi, ok, here it is.

a) “… somebody uses the Nyquist Prompt to load the subliminal text file with the subliminal-rft.ny (stating that it had to research to find out that this is the right way)…” → This part in regard to this post :

“Somebody uses only the plugin with the subliminal.ny” → This part in regard to this post :

b) Also, i just read that you recommend saving as .wav file a subliminal track. Is that the default .wav setting : Encoding - Signed 16 bit PCM ?

c) Could you, in short, explain why the track frequency has to be 44100 Hz(or more then double the carrier frequency) in the case of subliminal tracks : to have " room " for the speech part ?

Thank you very much !!

I assume that you are referring to the plug-in that I posted here: Silent Subliminals [solved?] - #3 by steve
and the code that Edgar-rft posted here: Silent Subliminals [solved?]

The plug-in that I posted contains the same code as was posted by Edgar.
The difference is that Edgar’s post has to be copied into the Nyquist Prompt (Nyquist Prompt - Audacity Manual) every time you want to use it, whereas I posted a plug-in that can be installed. When installed and enabled, it will be available in the bottom section of the Effect menu.

Installation instructions for Nyquist plug-ins are here: Installing Nyquist Plug-ins

Yes, 16-bit WAV will be fine.

The way that “PCM” digital audio works:

  • The audio waveform is represented by a sequence of numeric values, called “samples”.
  • The number of samples per second is the “sample rate”.
  • The maximum frequency that can be represented by the digital audio is half of the sample rate. This is known as the “Nyquist frequency

The “silent subliminal” encoded audio has frequencies around the “carrier frequency”, so the sample rate must be more than double the carrier frequency.

See also: Digital Audio Fundamentals - Audacity Manual

Thank you very much for your answers !
You understood me correctly about all the points mentioned !

I also read and acknowledged the post where you wrote about having set the Project Rate to 44100 Hz or the track will not be exported to this frequency despite the resampling !

Thank you again and have a great day !

Hello Steve. I tried the subliminal.rft.ny file from 2011 and it works. On my laptop speakers I hear my affs slightly but they’re inaudible and I guess that’s how it’s supposed to sound. On my earphones I hear a whistling sound, is that an issue?
Also I’ve seen you post another code for silent subs in another thread, is that one better?

Also I’ve seen you post another code for silent subs in another thread, is that one better?

I think you’ll have to ask a psychic or just try for yourself. Most of us here are technical-types and most of us are concerned with what we CAN hear! :wink:

Personally, I’m immune to subliminals. :stuck_out_tongue: But I think it’s more fun if the subliminal can be exposed or decoded…

Has anyone here done any “blind tests” among yourselves to see if this actually works?

You can’t really determine if a subliminal worked or not if you are fully aware of the desired effect its supposed to induce (because then it will likely just be a placebo effect).

Most of us here are technical-types and most of us are concerned with what we CAN hear!

I’m fond of processes you can reverse and test. Where is the testing software that can get the goal message back in a clear form?

And yes, I’m also fond of processes that follow good engineering practices. From whatever you chose as a carrier frequency, the system has to pass all the tones in the message both up and down. For example, in the case of 15592Hz, telephone quality sound (3000Hz) is going to produce tones between 12592Hz and 18592Hz. That’s conventional AM. and yes, if you leave the 15592Hz carrier in there, some people are going to be able to hear it. This is where your test subject needs to be young girls. If the carrier is audible and annoying to them, then it’s not subliminal any more.

Nobody mentioned restrictions on the main show. The main show (the liminal one) can’t produce tones that interfere with the subliminal work. In the above example, the main show probably should not have tones higher pitch than about 10,000Hz which sounds like muffled FM Radio.

I don’t buy Single Sideband or Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier or even Double Sideband Suppressed Carrier. Without a decoder or other demodulation processing, those just produce trash.

At least once in there should be the admonition to avoid MP3. MP3 gets its small files in part by eliminating subliminal sounds.

And that loops us back to: “Where is the testing software?”


I’m sure most people’s subconscious mind will not be able to demodulate an AM signal, then what other modulations can be applied to make it understandable to subconscious mind like normal sounds are audible to conscious mind, what modulation or encoding is used for audible sounds in wav format, can’t the silent subliminal be encoded in that format? Is there a way to make silent subliminal without any modulation?

Can you tell us if they informed you what the commercial recording contained. Any word, etc, can users get a sample of it in the format they sent you in, is it in English?

Is there a way to make silent subliminal without any modulation?

I don’t know if it’s considered “silent” but the easiest way is to mix a low-level sound (-20dB or more) with a louder sound (Music, pink noise, white noise, etc.) so the quieter sound is masked (drowned-out) by the louder sound.

If you do it “carefully” the louder sound can be subtracted-out later to reveal the “secret message”.

then what other modulations can be applied to make it understandable to subconscious mind like normal sounds are audible to conscious mind, what modulation or encoding is used…

You’d have to ask someone who believes in this stuff… I’m immune to subliminal messages! :stuck_out_tongue:

for audible sounds in wav format, can’t the silent subliminal be encoded in that format? Is there a way to make silent subliminal without any modulation?

WAV is probably the best because it’s lossless. Lossy formats like MP3 make the file smaller by throwing-away things you can’t hear. Some “hidden” information might remain or it might not or it may remain but be “damaged”.

Hi All,
1). Are subliminal-rft.ny or subliminal.ny plugin from 2011 still works with newest Audacity 3.1.2 version?
2). Does subliminal signal back to speech again codes (shown as below), still works with newest Audacity 3.1.2 version?

(defun demod (s-in cf)
(mult s-in (hzosc cf)))

(multichan-expand #'demod s 17500)

Thank You!

I would like to take this moment to say thank you. I’m not near to the conception of subliminaI messaging, but I needed something that wouldn’t cause a disturbance or distraction on my daily life. This script file has changed the game for me, and helped me get a better understanding to sound and how it works.

Since then, I have been able to successfully reprogram my subconscious mind with beliefs and ideas that i’ve always strived for. If it wasn’t for this, I would’ve had to continue playing my subliminaI recording with ambient sounds, but now I don’t have to anymore!

To anyone who reads this, it works 100%. I’m going to go in-depth with subliminaI messages and how they work.

• How do they work •

A subliminal recording plays affirmations at a frequency below the standard hearing threshold. They play at this frequency so the statements can bypass the logical and reasoning part of your mind.

Therefore, it doesn’t challenge or reject the affirmation you are trying to impress into the subconscious mind.

• You can’t hear it, so it doesn’t work! •

While you cannot hear the suggestions, the sound waves coming from the audio travel down the ear canal which send vibrations to your eardrums. Your subconscious mind is able to decipher these vibrations because these are the same vibrations that make up audible sounds.

It is also defined as the reception of the sound pressure waves and their perception or observation and interpretation by the brain.

See here:

• Summary of the Subliminal audio •

Subliminal messages are like programs, and your mind executes these programs. In order for the programs to get downloaded, we need to use a subliminaI recording that contains the affirmations we’d like to install. Once the affirmations are downloaded, we have to install them.

How we do install the affirmations? Through repetition.

Imagine your mind is the PC, and your subliminaI affirmations as the installation process. Each time you play your subliminaI recording, the process of the installation increases. Whenever the subliminaI is playing, it keeps getting installed. One day, as you’ve been consistent with your subliminaI recording, the subliminaI affirmations will become fully installed into your subconscious mind, and be executed.

This is how our life works.

Anything that is consistently fed to the subconscious mind will one day become accepted and executed. So all you really need is a properly created subliminaI messaging track, and the discipline in staying patient and committed to the subliminaI recording.

Consistency pays off!

After listening to the subliminaI messaging track every day and night for 3 - 6 months, the subliminaI affirmations will become beliefs, which influences a shift in perception, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

• Conclusion •
I’m going to leave it at this, but i’m forever grateful for this amazing stuff because it has changed my life around! Truly thank you again for getting this code, it made subliminaI programming so much fun, and it hasn’t caused any disturbance into my life. I have moments where I even forget the audio is playing, so whenever I experience a random shift in mindset is when I realized. These audio programs are very powerful and can help you break bad habits, and get rid of limiting-beliefs that you’ve picked up from the media or environment you grew up in. Do you know why habits are hard to break? It’s because we run on auto pilot by our day to day habits we have formed through repetition. And because our habits are stored in the subconscious part of our mind, that’s the place we have to work from to reprogram it. Ignoring these tools are a big mistake, because if used properly you can change your life around for the better. I know this because I changed mine in 6 months. I used to suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of love for myself, and self-hatred. I still can’t believe I was able to change that around, but it worked, and that is why I’m here to show my appreciation! I’m so happy and hope many more give these tools a chance. I notice the site admin Steve believes it’s mumbo-jumbo, but I can promise you it isn’t, definitely give it a try!

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Hello ,
I’m bit confused because i am new to all this . Basically i want help that how can i create a silent subliminal like is it really helpful by using the code to switch the frequency to 17500 hz ?
Though i did all of this and all i could hear in my earphones was whistling sound so is it ok ? can it be understood by my mind ??
Or there is any other way to create a silent subliminal . If there is please let me know each and everything :slight_smile:

Personally I think that silent subliminals can’t be understood by the mind because at best the mind is only aware of the whistling. The idea that the mind can (a) perceive silent “sound”, and (b) demodulate that sound at the correct frequency to decode it, is preposterous. Others, like GlazerX (previous post) disagree. On the other hand, if you know that something you are listening to contains a beneficial message, then like the placebo effect, the time spent listening may well have a beneficial effect.

Actually, look into the work of David Eagleman at MIT, on sensory substitution. Our senses seem to be doing general pattern recognition. The type of data coming in on a sensory channel is essentially irrelevant. With enough time to practice (it’s not much, a few days, maybe a week), we can learn to accept visual data via sound, sound by touch etc. One classic example of a similar phenomenon, was an experiment involving subjects wearing glasses which inverted their vision, for a couple weeks. Eventually their brain learned and they interpreted the world normally, and could do everything they used to… it took about 2 weeks If I remember correctly… When taken off the world looked upside down to them. Scary… but relearning the old behavior didn’t take nearly as long apparently.

The high frequency carrier really isn’t that much different form us perceiving a binaural beat. why? because it’s still within the range of human hearing…the ear still responds, even if we don’t tend to perceive that range consciously. Even with the silent subliminals I have heard, turning it up to a higher volume **, causes a strange effect when your hearing feels muffled, even though you aren’t heading anything.

**Do NOT do this unless you know how to calibrate the ACTUAL volume at a safe level… these frequencies can damage your ears, even if you can’t hear them…and that again is a testament to the idea that we can hear them, just not perceive them… In this case, the actual volume level of the sound was at a level similar to music a bit above conversational level, but not damaging by any stretch.

Now as to subliminals not working on a particular person, of course they do, just not in your experiments. Context is everything. If you don’t want to follow the suggestion, or don’t believe it can work, then it is very unlikely to. While the silent sound process bypasses the critical faculty, because we can’t consciously perceive it, we aren’t alerted to respond emotionally to it… to get what I mean think…we aren’t ‘triggered by it’. even if we otherwise would be… but this isn’t all that is required… we also have pre programed responses or beliefs that might run contrary to the affirmation. In those cases it won’t work… additionally… think of the first… ‘drink cocoa cola’ subliminal experiments. seeing it subliminally is no different than hearing it in a regular old commercial or seeing it on a billboard. it won’t make you drink a coca cola… it won’t make you do anything at all . but if you are thirsty it might offer you a suggestion that seems like a good idea for you . if that is the case, the you might respond to it but not have any idea that you are doing so… but you would have anyway… You might think… what good is that ? well again… what if you want to make a change… like quit smoking…genuinely you want to… but you have beliefs which run counter to the idea that you have what it takes to quit… a subliminal is a good way to progressively shape your programmed beliefs on the matter, in the direction you want… but just like practicing ANYTHING, you need to do it enough to learn it… and you have to be amenable to that change… like you have to be thirst for coca cola, of in this case… eager to quit… and soon your beliefs will start to line up with your experience… which is that you want to quit… the actual real life thought, or amenability, is a necessary part that most people just don’t understand, it even know about. In hypnosis it would be like a convincer… an experience which removes doubt in the experience.

So when I say of course it’s working…I men’s the process works and you ARE responding to it… just maybe not achieving a particular result, if the criteria I mentioned are not met. if you think you are ugly… I can say you are beautiful 10,000 times and it won’t matter… see what I mean? But if you wanted to believe it, were ready to believe it…but just didn’t… then it might start to change your mind. If we didn’t respond to subliminal information we wouldn’t respond to most threats we experience while driving… like a cat jumping across the road out of nowhere… we don’t respond quickly enough consciously to respond to that… if we didn’t respond to subliminal information that mechanism woulnt work…

Dear Edgar, thank you for all your work! You wrote:

Could you please explain the difference exactly between the subliminal.ny and subliminal-rft.ny ? I assume that you asserts that is better than subliminal-rft.ny since you wrote the former after the later. But I have also seen subliminal-rft.ny with this additional code at the end:

(if (arrayp s)
(vector (modulator (aref s 0) f) (modulator (aref s 1) f))
(modulator s f))

What exactly does the additional code do and (to be absolutely certain what your opinion is) which of these three scripts are the best?