Silent Subliminal Audio Tracks

Im looking for a Tutorial for making “Silent Subliminals” . I have seen one earlier post by Steve with short description with Lowry’s technique .
I tried doing this but i would like to know a more professional method which is safer(like the "Real subliminals " ones) . I have also encountered with several other problems .
can anyone Give a detailed thought ???

Our problem with subliminals is the lack of authoritative testing procedure. Waiting for six months to see if you really do lose weight or stop smoking isn’t going to do it. We need something more immediate like the tests for RMS, peak, noise levels, duration, etc., and there doesn’t seem to be anything available.

We have had postings wanting to know if a sound segment has subliminal messages.

Beats me. And probably beats everybody else, too.

As you probably found, just reducing the volume of something doesn’t work. The ear is remarkably good at hearing quiet sounds, particularly if they have meaning. In extreme conditions, most people can hear something and make up meaning. Probably not what’s wanted.


Many claims are made about the effects of subliminal stimuli. We have no information to verify such claims, other than information that is available through public resources such as Wikipedia:

We are happy to try and help if you have specific questions about how to use Audacity.