Silent glitches with the VST plug-in “Kn0ck0out”

Gale Andrews Oct 19, 2006; 07:52pm Re: [Audacity-help]
" > you could try this VST plugin (Windows only) called > knOckOut > > > "

In my case Kn0ck0out works very well in Audacity except for one very annoying problem: the processed audio has repeated moments of silence 0.09 seconds in duration recurring every 12 seconds (approximately) when the sample rate is 44100. If the sample rate is 22050 the moments of silence are 0.18 seconds long and occur every 24 seconds (approx), i.e. halving the sample rate halves the frequency of the silent moments but doubles their duration.

I am running Audacity 1.2.6 on Vista home premium on a Dell 1525 laptop.
The exact same silent glitch occurs with the VST plug-in “VoicetrapV20”, so it appears to be a problem with Audacity and/or Vista, (or me :slight_smile: ).

Any suggestions on how I can stop this repeating silent glitch occurring when I use “Kn0ck0ut” in Audacity.

Thanks in advance


I get the same glitch but with Freeverb2 and ambiance.
i tried applying the effect to just 10 seconds at a time, but it happens again wherever 2 instances meet,
it goes silent instantly and then fades back in over .09 seconds.

im using 1.2.6 and XP

im not sure how to fix it either, did you ever figure it out?


No sorry Wolverine,

I think it has to do with the audio track being processed in chunks which each occupy a fixed amount of memory, the silent glitch occurring at the start* of each chunk. (*there is a .09 silence at the start of the track too, which you may not have noticed).