Silent 432hz subliminal affirmations

Hi please someone can help ?

  1. i have made my own affirmations and registered with TTS software(resampled to 44100hz the affirmation audio)
    2)normalized to -1
  2. applied the encoding plugins by Steve for making it silent(Steganography and “Silent Subliminals” | AudioNyq)
    4)normalized to -23 then applied some rain audios and saved in 1 file
    5)then changed frequency of the file from 440 to 432 with pitching effects
    I d like to know if it is the correct procedure.Thank you for helping

440 & 423Hz are musical tuning standards. Most music is tuned to A = 440. Everybody in the band tunes to A at 440Hz so they are all in-tune with each other. There is an A in every octave and most songs don’t use all of possible notes, so many songs don’t contain any 440Hz notes.

This doesn’t apply to spoken voice. Spoken voice does have a pitch (usually lower than 440 or 432Hz) but unlike singing it’s not tuned to any particular pitch.

You can look at the pitch (before or after subliminal processing) with Analyze → Plot Spectrum. You won’t see a single-frequency but you can pick-out the strongest frequency.

All natural sounds contain multiple simultaneous frequencies and most music is even more complicated with chords and multiple instruments.

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So applying to a rain effect it doesn’t make any difference?But it doesn’t make the audio ineffective,right?Thank you very much

You CAN change the voice pitch to 440Hz if you can find the current fundamental (most-dominate) pitch with Plot Spectrum.

Do that before the subliminal processing. You probably won’t like listening to it but once it’s subliminal you can’t hear it anyway. :wink:

You can try anything you want!

An approximate 2% change from 440 to 432 probably won’t make a noticeable difference.

Rain shouldn’t have much of a pitch, but if you find a pitch and you change it to 432 it might make a big difference.

BTW - It might be educational to Generate → Tone at 432 (and/or 440Hz) so you know what a 432Hz note sounds like.

You’re asking the wrong person… If you ask me, ALL subliminal effects are equally ineffective. :stuck_out_tongue: And I’m immune! :smiley:

Most of us can’t hear the difference between 423 & 440Hz either, especially if there is some time in-between. i.e. If you listen to the 440Hz version on Monday and the 432Hz version you probably wouldn’t notice any change. Trained musicians and people with “perfect pitch” MIGHT hear a difference, but even most trained musicians can’t tune an instrument without a reference.

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Very Kind!Thank you