Silence Finder with Region Labels


I want to add region labels rather than markers.
Where is this plugin (Region labels in Silence Finder) ?

Are you wanting to label the regions that have sound, or the regions that have silence?

I want to label the regions that have silence :slight_smile:

You could modify the “Sound Finder” plug-in (SoundFinder.ny)
The main change that you need is line 165

        ((< val threshold)


        ((> val threshold)

How to get the plugin in the pictures ?
Do you have the plugin (silence-sound-marker.ny) ?

Where did you get that picture from?

The picture is somewhere on the audacity forum.
Can you send me the plugin even if it’s the development release ?

My guess is that it is available on the same page that you found the picture.
Try using the forum search (top right corner of the page).