"Silence Finder" and "Sound Finder" documentation

I found RoseM’s topic https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/locating-chapter-breaks-in-a-recording/63881/1 when I searched the forum for “Silence Finder”.

I was searching the forum because I had somehow stumbled over this page (but I don’t know how I got to it, probably Google)

It seems to me that the page ought to be updated to say that “Silence Finder” and “Sound Finder” are not available in 3.1.3.

It’s not quite that simple. If you upgrade Audacity from an older version, then you will probably still have Silence Finder and Sound Finder. Also, because most Linux users get their software from their distribution’s repository, in many cases they will be using a slightly older version of Audacity, which may still have these plug-ins.

There’s a note in the alpha version of the manual (which will be the next release version), that Sound Finder and Silence Finder are no longer included.

I knew that was coming!
My first thought was that the Google Bots just hadn’t got around to reindexing the Wiki pages, but then I thought too that you (Audacity Forum/team) are pretty good about updating and re-linking pages.

I am glad that I thought to search the forum, because I am now wading into labels, thanks to Rose’s post.
Thanks, Steve

You’re not kidding!
“Note that the peak level will usually be lower than the peak level.”
You will find this here https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/label_sounds.html under the heading “AVERAGE LEVEL”.

Thanks, I’ve fixed that in the alpha manual.:

Average level: > The threshold is measured as the absolute average level for each 10 ms. This setting may help avoid labeling clicks in vinyl recording. Note that the average level will usually be lower than the peak level.