I want to put my Audacity version and OS information in a signature line, but I cannot find any place in the User Control Panel to enter a signature.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 7 HPE

We don’t allow users to add signatures because the feature tends to be abused by spammers and those who want some free advertising.

I agree that displaying Audacity version and operating system is a nice idea. If users expressed more interest in doing this we might consider turning signatures on again.

I added the signature you wanted, assuming “HPE” means Home Premium Edition. You won’t be able to edit the signature right now, though.


Thank you, Gale!

I did not see your signature until I added it just now with the Edit Function. If you press Edit on one of your posts, do you see an option under the message post buttons to use a signature?


Yes, I see the check box but I haven’t found a way to type in a signature.

I can understand why they might not be used if there have been abuses by advertisers. Perhaps, instead, the forum can add to entries to UCP data for Windows version and Audacity version which can be displayed with the user name. Having to type that info in every post is something I forget to do. 2 entries in UCP could solve it.

As I said, you can’t edit or create signatures. You should be able to include the signature I created for you if you enable that checkbox in any post. Please try that.

But if the checkbox is off by default, that seems to be not working as I would envisage given I set your permissions to use a signature.

Again, please check if enabling the “Attach a signature…” checkbox underneath the Preview/Submit message buttons includes your signature. It should do, without you having to type anything.

I agree we could consider adding boxes for OS and Audacity version to the Profile section of UCP. However spammers would obviously use those boxes for their own purposes. The information in your UCP profile is not currently displayed under your name in your posts - we removed that display due to spammers. So as it is now, adding your OS and Audacity version into your signature is much more visible.


ok the box is checked in this reply as is the Notify Me box

Once again with a screen print this time
Aud screen scrape.png

It wasn’t checked when I opened the post for editing, and it hasn’t included your signature.

I’ll have to test this with a standard account with added permission to use a signature. Please give us time to test. Signatures are not normally enabled for standard users.


Thank you, Gale!

I quite understand why signatures are not enabled and I very much appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist.


Just to confirm, the reason appears to be that the Registered User permission for using a signature is set to “Never”, so over-rides the “Yes” your account is set to. See .