Sierra 10.12.6 not recognizing input device

When I go into Sierra System Preferences / Sound, I see at first two sound input devices. First, Internal Microphone, second, Line in. I at times see USB PnP Audio Device, however it does not remain in the list. It disappears and then reappears but only for a second or two, if that. I have deinstalled and reinstalled Audacity 2.3.3 and even rebooted my iMac from a cold start and the same conditions occur. Because I cannot select this Audio Input as the input device, I cannot record anything from Audacity. Any help I might be able to obtain would be most welcomed.

“PnP Audio Device” - is that one of those $40 cassette-to-USB devices? I haven’t heard of anyone who has got one to work reliably on Mac.

Reinstalling Audacity will not help. Since you see the device disappearing in System Preferences, the fault appears to be in the device.

One option, since you have a “Line In” input, is to get a cable to connect from the headphone output of the cassette to the line input of the iMac.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill. I thought that might be the issue, but since I am new to this app, I have no hesitation in asking those who have gone before me. Yes, this is one of those real cheap cassette to MP3 converters. Since I do have you at this time, would you be able to recommend a reliable cassette to Mp3 converter that should work with my iMac? Thanks very much for the information.

Sorry, but I’m afraid not. All searches seem to turn up cheap devices, and I have no experience with them. I use an old “hi-fi” cassette deck along with a Behringer UFO-202 audio-to-USB converter.

Since you have the cassette deck, and if it has a headphone output, and you have a line input on your iMac, I still suggest getting a cable to go from the headphone output of the deck to the line input of the Mac. That would be a stereo mini-plug (3.5mm) to mini-plug cable.

– Bill

Thanks, Bill. Yes, my search only turned up cheap devices also, so I’m going with your suggestion of getting an audio cable at Best Buy and try that.