Shure MV7 + preamp &/or interface?

I am recording voice-over on the Shure MV 7 dynamic mic due to living in Bali with noisy chickens and motorbikes. (Currently I’m in US and testing to see that I have what I need before I leave again.)

I cannot get the dB between -20 to -10 while recording. I can fix it post recording to ACX approval, but I don’t like the sound. I want to get closer to begin with. It is WAAAYYY to quiet. I am considering a preAmp like CloudLifter, & / or a small interface but I’m not a recording-savvy person. Also I am not rich and don’t wish to buy more than I need. Any advice geared towards the un-savvy recorder would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

Mac user

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 15.23.59.png
That would be my question. Neither microphone is a fireball and the SM7 is frequently sold with a Lifter.

Note that if you do use a Lifter, you are required to feed it 48 volt phantom power. So your preamp, mixer, or interface has to be able to supply that.

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That’s the 48 volt switch on my small mixer.


What’s the rest of your system? Sometimes we can unscramble it from here.