Shure MV7 mic gain resets when I start recording

Morning everybody. I am using Audacity 3.2.5 and have a Shure MV7 mic connected via USB. In the ShurePlus MOTIV app that comes with the mic, I like to set the gain (defaulted at +36dB) to 24dB to avoid clipping and reduce noise. When I do so, though, and start recording in Audacity, it then immediately resets the mic gain to 36dB and I have to re-adjust it downwards before starting to speak. I think I’m probably missing the point here - it’s either a Shure problem or something I should be adjusting in Audacity rather than in the Shure app, but can anybody help me to stop this happening? It’s not awful but it is a bit of a pain. Thanks, Jeff

This report sounds similar to this github issue: Audacity not resetting audio balance on startup (hearing loss) · Issue #3328 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

May I suggest that you also report this “New Issue” directly to the developers.

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