Shure mv7 gain boosting on mic affect signal quality negatively?

I’ve got a shure mv7 in USB mode. I can boost the gain through the microphone but I am not sure what happens or if this is bad for the recording quality or not (which I am post processing anyway). I assume that it is using the DSP on the mic to do this? What I am not clear on is whether this will negatively (or perhaps positively) affect the signal to noise ratio or just have no effect. I know that on an audio interface boosting gain does not do so. The gain boost is handy so I can hear and SEE myself talk, but if the DSP gain (or whatever it is) is affecting the recording quality then I don’t want to use it.

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I don’t know about that mic but you normally want to control the analog level before it’s digitized.

Try recording (or listening to) “silence” with the volume turned-up and then with the volume turned-down.

The acoustic noise will go down at low/minimum volume but if ALL of the noise goes down, including any preamp hiss, that’s a good indication that the signal and noise are being controlled together and the signal-to-noise ratio is NOT being affected.

That’s a good idea. Thanks.