Shuffling plug-in?

Hi! Is there a shuffling software / plug-in for Audacity that can convert phase differencies into voltage differencies??

Could you give more detail about what you want, what it’s for and how you would like to use it.

shuffling is a process where you convert phase differencies between two stereo channels to voltage differencies. You apply such shuffling to a stereo recording which is suitable for headphone listening, to also fit loudspeakers. Wavelab has such a shuffling plugin, where you can set both the width and power.

Do you mean Mid/side processing as described here?

Yes, it can also be described like that.

There is no plug-in specifically for Mid/Side processing in that way, but it can be done quite easily.
There is a Mid/Side encoder/decoder plug-in here:
To equalize the mid / side channels separately, split the stereo track into two mono tracks (click on the track name and select “Split to Mono”) then use the Equalization effect (Effect menu). To recombine the mono tracks back into a stereo track, click on the name of the upper track and select “Make Stereo Track”.

If you just want to adjust the “width” of a stereo track, there are much easier ways to do it.

Thank you, Steve, I will have a look into that! No, I don’t “just” want to adjust the stereo “width”. Correct. May I suggest that “someone” makes such a effect for Audacity. / Klas.