Shrinking Waveform??

I have recorded several sections of guitar -Some of them were recorded at varying levels of gain, thus resulting in some of the waveforms being wider than others. -Is there a way to bring them down (or up) to the same width across the board?? I’m talking about changing the width of the actual waveform and not just increasing or decreasing the gain…



Sounds like a job for envelope-tool

Dynamic range compression is another option.

Oh, SNAP!!

Thank you soo much!

Experimenting now!

-So this would effectively make it so that the waveforms were “recorded at the same gain”, correct??

Could be the case, but not necessarily …
if the gain level in some cases was high enough in to cause distortion, then it will sound different from the other lower-level takes, even if everything is now at the same volume.

Right, thankfully none of the tracks were “gained out” during recording. I have just experimented and it’s doing exactly what I need it too. Just needed to bring them all down to roughly the same size…

Game changer! Especially for pre-pro…

Thank you so much, man!