Should I use Audacity if already have Final Cut X?

The thing is - I don’t want to use tons of different software. But I want the best quality I can get.
Be honest with you, it’s really easy to do voice overs for youtube in Final Cut X, it has easy to use Noise Removal. And I’m happy with results.

Do you use Audacity with Final Cut X, and If so, why?

If you are happy with what you are currently using, then there is no need to use anything different.
Audacity does not do video.

I know it can’t record video. But, obviously I record video and audio separately. So, any advantages? Maybe with Audacity my sound quality will increase, I don’t know.

So, any advantages? Maybe with Audacity my sound quality will increase, I don’t know.

Did anybody complain about the work? If you can’t point to one specific problem or shortcoming, then stick right where you are. In general, you can do far better by improving the original recording than trying New and Improved post-production rescue software.

Invest in better soundproofing for your studio or better lavalier or boom/shotgun microphones.

A producer in interview a while back said the Magic Words:

“Anybody can shoot a movie now. All you need is a good camera and a boom.”


Audacity all over the internet, it seems like every one use it. ppl who use Final cut x, adobe premiere pro, screenFlow or OBS for podcasts, those ppl often use audacity. There should be a reason. There should be increase in quality or something.
If there is a solid reason, I would learn Audacity. Any improvement is must have for me :wink: especially free ones.

Audacity is a multitrack audio editor and has many features for both basic and highly advanced audio editing. It is not a video editor, or a “real-time” effect processor, or a MIDI editor. It is designed specifically for the task of editing digital audio. You can find some of Audacity’s features here:

As you say, Final Cut X also has some ability to edit audio. If the audio editing features in that program are sufficient for your needs, then there is no reason to change. If on the other hand, you need features / audio editing capability beyond what can be done in Final Cut X, then you may need to consider using an audio editing program such as Audacity.

Does Final Cut X fulfill your requirements for audio editing? If so, end of conversation. If not, then please tell us what you want to do that you can’t do in Final Cut X and we can then tell you if Audacity can do it.

There should be increase in quality or something.

We can’t go anywhere with that. There is no “quality” slider or adjustment and just getting into Audacity and getting back out again doesn’t do anything.

Point us to one of your videos. Did you have any shoot training? Follow any YouTube videos?