Short Cut: Selection Toolbar

I have 50+ old Mp3 of 200MB (1.5hrs) each to do: For each, I need to, by listening to the track, to select a segment beginning at around 15+ minutes from the start; then for a length of 45-60 minutes, for further processing.

The segment is mostly a church sermon between worship music/Choral etc.

After the tedious labor of selecting the Start and/or End points, how do I get those points automatically inputted into the Selection toolbar respectively, ready for the next step of conversion etc?

I currently would manually inputting these hh:mm:ss.

If you are able to use a mouse, zoom to a suitable level so that you can see the section of waveform that you want to work with (, and then click and drag on the waveform with your mouse to make the selection.
The shortcut “Ctrl+F” zooms to fit the entire project in the Audacity window.