Sharpening muffled/crackly voice

Hi there I’ve been trying to improve the quality of this speech:

These are the effects I’ve applied so far:

Noise Removal
Normalize (-1)
Equalization (Bass Boost/Treble Boost)
Normalize (-1)
Noise Removal

I feel it’s improved a little but the crackling a certain freq. still remains:

Any help is much appreciated.


I’m out. It’s too far gone to salvage. Either of us can come up with filters and effects to get rid of all the problems but that gargling sound. There’s little pieces of the track which don’t do that and then it starts up again destroying the second or third word.

How were you doing the shoot? Did you have a sound mixer plugged into the Mic-In of a camcorder? If so, you were beating the snot out of the microphone channel in the camcorder and that’s what’s causing the gargling.

It’s so close. If you had a version of that dialog captured straight from the sound mixer, you would be walking away right now.

Have you ever used this combination before?


Oh well thanks for taking a look Koz. Are you able to post what you came up with that got “rid of all the problems but that gargling sound”? It might be better than my current version.

It’s possible that’s the reason. No I haven’t used this combination before.

Thanks for your trouble.

Ah, thanks anyway Koz.
Yes I guess that could be the cause, anyway the shoot can’t be reproduced so I have to work with what I’ve got. No, haven’t used that combination before.
I’d love to here what you came up with that got “rid of all the problems but that gargling sound” anyway.


What was the combination? We live on model names and numbers.

“Beyer 43b lavalier microphone plugged into…”


I’m uploading the corrected voice. That gargling just kills you. There’s parts of the dialog that just drop out.

I would be hiring a paid actor to record this and do it in a hired studio.


If this is a video, there are Hollywood ways to solve this. Looping is where a voice actor sits in front of a high quality microphone facing a screen where a segment of the video plays back repeatedly—loops. The job of the voice actor is to record new dialog matching the video actor’s mouth exactly. Then you go on to the next segment and loop that.

I know somebody with a Perth swing willing to do it. You up for it?


Kind offer but I think I’ll make do for now. Thanks