Sharing Audio Projects with Others

When you save as a project, can you make a file that, makes it so you can send the project with samples it so one can send projects to others so they can work on it as well, as this is one bugbear, I’ve got with it, maybe something to think about?

Yes. Just ensure that you are using Audacity 3.x and close the project (or close Audacity) before you copy or send the project.(Open projects may have temporary files that need to be written into the project).

That’s complicated, why not have the option so the samples are all in one special project file format?, as for sending to others for me currently is a no go for me and unworkable, but thank you very much for your time.

We may have something for you in the near future. We’ll announce it on our YouTube channel when it’s ready:

In Audacity 3.x the samples are in one project file. Maybe you’re thinking about the old Audacity 2.x projects which had a project file and a “_data” folder. In Audacity 3.0 and later, the project is saved in a single, self contained “.AUP3” project file.

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