Severside based version of Audacity

Is it possible to have a server side version of the application work, that i could feature as a app in a website i’m creating, that perhaps may load locally when a person opps to become a member? Or will it run from a network server remotely for members to access and record in some context… ? if that makes sense. thanks.

Audacity requires fast disk access to read and right large amounts of (audio) data in real time, so the only way that I could see a “network” version working would be to create a sandbox environment on the users computer into which Audacity could be temporarily “installed” and run. If that is the case then it would make more sense to just download the the Zip file and run it as a portable app.

Thanks Steven.
So - no different than how I’ve observed how Indaba is feeding from their servers their Garageband like redress.
uhmm… If i were to use a sandbox, would users within a group that may be collective in a shared private room on my site be able to hear Audacity playing back in real time, taking into consideration their likely be some latency due to pipeline…? I’m wanting to be able to port both the “line in” input at the same time, say, have ones “mic input” be activated, thus - multi-channeling input sources, but then only having the “line in” channel separately feeding into as the “source” input for what one would like to be printing to the Audacity audio file track… ? I sense then, this is a hardware incompatibility issue…? What’s curious about that is when running Sunflower and using “iShowu” when i do screen casts, i have the option to both, record system sound sources, like iTunes, while i’m still able to talk and voice over record - when i’m in record mode and creating a screencast… This feature would certainly open something up for me in my prototype site, but i’m certainly limited - since i’m more a musician, hack - thank c++ kind of dude. thanks again in advance. And we are looking for partners in my web prototype, all ears are welcome. Peace. JP

The problem is that there is far too much latency across the internet to have interactive Audacity sessions (which I think is what you are wanting to do).
On Linux it is possible to patch the local sound system into a VOIP application so that someone at a remote location can hear what is being played, and it is is possible to record locally what they are playing, but not both at the same time - the Internet is just not fast enough to do it without major synchronisation problems.

There have been some experiments with collaborative MIDI music - the big advantage here is that the amount of data is massively less, but there are still problems due to IP latency.

I’m not a programmer either :wink: