Severe Audio Distortion

I’m trying to start a podcast. I’m using a brand new ATR2100X USB microphone and the Audacity 2.4.2. version software. I have a brand new HP Windows 10 laptop. Everytime I do a test recording, I’m getting severe and significant original audio distortion during playback. I’ve checked the settings in my laptop, I’ve checked the internal speaker levels and performance, I’ve checked the settings in Audacity, I’ve had my laptop checked out at store where I purchased it and I’ve had the mic tested on two different occasions yet I continue to get the horrible distortion. My question is: What am I missing? How do I go about getting rid of the distortion? Is the 2.4.2 version compatible with the ATR 2100X mic? I’ve been trying to fix this issue for close to 3 weeks so that I can begin my podcast. Please… Can someone help.


Is it [u]clipping[/u] (distorting because it’s “too loud”)?

That microphone has a built-in headphone jack. Is that distorted?

Make sure [u]Windows Microphone Boost[/u] and all [u]Windows “Enhancements”[/u] are turned off.

And if you can’t get it figured-out [u]post a short sample[/u] so we can hear what it sounds like.

Is the 2.4.2 version compatible with the ATR 2100X mic?

Audacity works with anything that has Windows drivers.