Several issues on my Macbook Air m2

Hey guys,

I’m an avid user of Audacity for several years now but I recently migrated from Windows to Apple and unfortunately my experience is not good at the moment.

When I use Audacity, the interface is not as reactive as on Windows, even when correcting the latency problem in the registry (Nshigh : true to false).

I though these problems would be solved with version 3.2 and the Apple Silicon support. Unfortunately, I am still forced to edit manually the latency problem. But now the application cannot be restarted when I close it, a message informs me that it has suddenly left. So I am forced to delete and reinstall it each time.

Maybe someone has a solution to my problem? Thanks in advance.

my experience is not good at the moment.

What are you recording?

There are two latency effects. If you plug your headphones into the computer and sing into a plug-in microphone, that voice is always going to have an echo. That’s the single trip through the computer delay. You’re stuck with that.

If you want a new track to exactly overlay the older tracks when you overdub a song, that’s the latency correction in the Audacity setup.


I do not record anything but the latency is still here when I’m playing a song.

What do you mean by “latency”?

even when correcting the latency problem in the registry (Nshigh : true to false)

There is no “registry” on Mac, so exactly what are you attempting to change?

Perhaps the changes you are making to the “registry” is what is causing Audacity to crash?

– Bill

It is not clear to me exactly what problem(s) you are experiencing.

The issue with requiring NSHighResolutionCapable is related to high-resolution monitors. It relates to screen drawing and video refreshing.

Latency refers to an audio delay attributed to buffering and processing of the audio, and is generally unrelated to the video issues.

You may have multiple problems each requiring a separate solution. Perhaps it would be best to open a different topic for each issue you are having.