[Setup] Upgrade not working, wrong Registry key


I’ve installed the 2.1.0 on my Windows 10 computer. The Uninstall hive is stored under :

I’ve upgraded to 2.1.2 on the same computer. The Uninstall hive is slightly different :

The InnoSetup is using the wrong AppId I think and don’t really detect previous Audacity version setting the application in an unpredictable state.


Thanks. We made some automation changes in the audacity.iss installer file for 2.1.1 so that we would not have to change the installer file for each new version of Audacity.

Yes we should probably have specified AppID in the installer file as “Audacity” so that the uninstaller entry did not change. Given we don’t specify AppID, it takes the value of AppName, which now has the “®”.

So as it is now, if you install 2.1.1 or later over 2.1.0 or earlier, although the old installation will be overwritten, the Programs and Features entry for the older version will be left behind. That should be the only problem. What do you mean by “not working”?

If we specify AppID now, we create a new problem of a different uninstaller entry between subsequent releases and 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.

It’s probably best left “as is”.


yes you’re probably right. (The application is working, my words about ‘Not working’ was badly chosen)

Maybe a message displayed for older version suggesting to uninstall before should be great.

We will probably add a note into the user Manual about this.