Settings on Pitch control

Hi, When changing pitch of a track, what are all the other settings?
eg. I choose E 2 to E2 and then select semitones up by .15 (chorus effect)
It works OK.
But what is the difference if I choose E 6 to E 6 and up by the same .15?
I know that raises the frequency down below. See pick attached
Any real sound difference?
Thanks in advance.

Pitch diff.jpg

“percentage change” is the only parameter that makes a difference.
BTW if you’re looking for a free chorus plugin …

Thank-you Trebor
I did it both ways and couldn’t hear any difference.
Thanks for the Chorus plug links.
Found some 30 year mono live bands tracks.
By splitting them into stereo, then delaying the right side by about .04sec, then taking that track and changing the pitch by +.15
Then balance original left track at 70%, and the new right rack at 70% gives the new stereo track a great “stereo” kinda feel.
Used to do that way back in 40yr ago studio trick by delaying one side of guitar solo tracks.

I forgot about … Stereo-Widener Audio Effect Plugin [VST, AU, AAX] - Stereo Touch - Voxengo

The big advantage of these real-time plugins is that you can adjust the effect while it is playing.