Settings confusion after using Soundflower


After installing and using Sunflower (in order to record off the internet), I have forgotten my output and input device settings (and maybe my Mac’s sound settings). I thought I understood it all, so I didn’t write it down. Apparently, I’m a proven dummy now.

For Mac sound, I have either internal microphone or line in.

For Audacity Output, I have built in output and SoundTap recorder.

For Audacity Input, I have built in input and build in microphone.

I thought I tried all the combinations, but still I’m not able to get sound to actually record (I can hear it in the computer speakers).

Which choices do I use for the 3 targets?

Tx, Chris

The fact that Soundflower (2ch) does not show up in any of those indicates that you do not have Soundflower installed at the moment.

What is “SoundTap Recorder”?

– Bill

I’m with him. I think you have more things installed than is healthy.

There are two places to set stuff, Mac System Preferences and the Audacity Device Toolbar (which is a shortcut to Audacity Device Preferences).

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound > Input. That should give you the whole list of devices and paths that are available to you. If it’s not on that list, Audacity will never get there.

The Built-In stuff and SoundFlower should be the only things you have access to.

It’s good if you answer the questions in the pink band at the top of this thread and the type of machine you have.


Mac V10.6.8 , Audacity V2.0.5

I should have stated the Mac system sound and the Audacity Output and Input devices all have Soundflower 2ch and 4ch. I didn’t mention them because I know the answer does not include them. Basically, what happened was I installed Soundflower and randomly changed these three settings until I got a recordable signal.

Now I can’t remember they way it was, and I’ve tested all possible options. Here are my options:

Mac Sound:
Internal microphone
Line in
Soundflower 2ch
Soundflower 64ch.

Audacity Output device:
Build in output
Soundflower 2ch
Soundflower 64 ch
SoundTap recorder (I don’t recall what it is or why I installed it a long time ago)

Audacity Input device:
Built in microphone
Built in input
Soundflower 2ch
Soundflower 64 ch

OK, so you have Soundflower installed and want to record sounds playing on the computer, right?

Does this page help?

– Bill

I think I figured it out. Actually, I was trying to re-configure to record from a line-in source, after re-configuring to use Soundflower.

So that problem is solved. I do have a question about soundflower, but I’ll wait a while to ask, assuming I can figure it out myself. :blush:

I was trying to re-configure to record from a line-in source

That’s the direction which works simply. De-select everything that says “SoundFlower.” Using SoundFlower produces recursive sound pathways (intentionally) and will make your head hurt. Far better and simpler to just go down the punch list in that manual entry.

People get in trouble all the time with partial configurations… and then they get lost.