Setting up to record from YouTube and a USB Cassette Player?


I appreciate any help here!

(1) I used Audacity years ago and downloaded the latest version from the Audacity site. Should I have downloaded it from The Microsoft Store the supposed official version, possibly or?

(2) I’m running Windows 10.

(3) Years ago I had no problem recording from my PC, YouTube music, and also from my cassette player & a USB plugged into to create MP3 files.

(4) The latest version seems very confusing and I’m a pretty technically oriented man. Also, my Audacity version doesn’t have the line across near the top of the interface with MME-Etc. displayed. It appears like it’s sort of floating there or did.

(5) So, perhaps someone can help me with basically how to record from my PC screen recording Youtube music and also using my cassette player with USB, please. I realize they both require different configurations to use properly.

(6) Also, very importantly, what is the difference between a temporary file location and a destination folder and how do I set those up?

(7) Would the temporary file be in Drive “C,” or can it be stored on a larger hard drive?

(8) I believe I have my Audials temporary file set to my large Drive “S”

(9) And what about storing the destination file after the recording? Wouldn’t that be a large hard drive to use for that?

Thank you very much for any help, I really appreciate it.

There have been "unofficial’ versions on the Microsoft store. I’m not sure if what’s there now is legit or not.

Not at the same time, right?

You can select the USB device as your recording device and you can use WASAPI loopback to record what’s currently playing on your computer speakers.

Audio Setup (a recent change).

I never actually checked where my temporary directory is. When you record the data goes into a temporary file. It should be immediately exported as WAV to keep it “safe”, and you can also create an Audacity project (I rarely need a project). I’d guess any “undo” information also goes. to the temporary directory. The temporary drive should be local because it needs to be fast to keep up with recording.

When you save a project (AUP3) or export as an audio file (WAV, MP3, etc.) you can choose where to save it. BUT, projects have to be saved to an NTFS drive (not FAT) because the database requires it. I don’t think the temporary drive has to be NTFS.

Thanks a lot, Doug.

Here is what I’m using as a temporary folder. It’s not my local “C” it’s an external large hard drive: NTFS drive.

It’s: S:\Users\Irwin\AppData\Local\Audacity\SessionData

Shouldn’t I change my temporary folder back to my local “C” drive? and use my external large “S” drive as my destination folder drive for example?

I’m not recording from my screen and my USB-connected cassette player at the same time, thanks…

I had some luck a while ago recording a few long live Youtube concerts but they are stored on my local “C” drive. I guess I can just move them to a larger drive and Audacity music folder. My “C” drive has about 200 GB’s of space right now.

Thanks again,


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