Setting Track Markers

I am using an iMac OS XI 10.10.5 Yosemite with Audacity and iTunes.

I have recorded one of my choir concerts composed of twenty songs. I wish to set individual track markers so they show on my player. I have read both the tutorial manual and many of the posts here but I still can’t understand how to mark them. When I used Windows with different software, I was able to move a cursor along and click where I wanted the marker to appear. Is it the same with Audacity? If so how do I find the cursor?

Have you got as far as click in the track, hold the COMMAND key then press B to add a label at the click point? Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual.

What is your player - a CD player?

Or are you trying to mark songs within the same single MP3 file so you can skip between the songs? You can’t do that with MP3. It is simpler to just export one file for each song. iTunes will usually play the songs gaplessly.


Hello Gale. Thanks for the reply. I was actually trying to mark the start of each of the songs on the overall recording so that they would show up in number order. I could then write a label with song names and know where to find any particular song to play back. From what you say, this is not possible.

I have a difficulty trying to record each song as individual tracks because my tape player and amplifier is in another room so I I have to trail a cable through and would need to run in and out to stop and start the recording which is not very practical. Also, some of the songs have a piano accompaniment lead in to the next one. However, I’ll give it a try and record those songs joined together as one

I want the flexibility to play the final CD in my car, on my Rotel CD player and one other household player. Regards Brian.

You should be able to follow Splitting a recording into separate tracks then Burning music files to a CD.

The simplest way is to use COMMAND + B to label each song for export to its own WAV file. Burn each WAV file as a separate CD track.

Set the track burning gap in iTunes to zero. As long as your CD burning drive supports gapless burning and your CD players support gapless playback, you should not hear a gap between the CD tracks.

If you want artist and other information to show up in the CD player, enable burning of CD-Text in iTunes.

If you still hear a gap between the songs that should play continuously, then you can try exporting a single WAV file and burn as one CD track using a Cue Sheet. That is also covered in the Burning Tutorial, in the Gapless Burning section. iTunes does not support Cue Sheets as far as I know, so you may have to use another CD burning software than iTunes.


Great. Thanks Gale. That helps a lot. I’ll have another try and come back if I have any trouble. Thanks again. Brian