Setting sample rate and bit depth of export

I am a new user and have version 2.05. I can’t seem to save my changes. I am working with a .wav file that I need to change in order to meet the requirements of the program I plan on using it with. I have reduced the sample Format from 32 to 16 and the RATE from 22050 to 8000. I have made this change by using the message box selector that sits to the left of the file spectrograph and I can see the change in the Sample and Rate displayed. Then I export my file to another folder… but when I check it, the file hasn’t changed at all. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

The Project Rate bottom left of the Audacity window sets the sample rate of the exported file. The bit depth of uncompressed exports is set by the format chosen in the Export File dialogue. See Audacity Manual .

So, you don’t want to change sample rate using the Track Drop-Down Menu because this changes the pitch. Changing the sample format (bit depth) there is an un-necessary step. Just set project rate to 8000 Hz and (assuming it is what you want), choose “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” for the export format.


Ok, I changed the project rate to 8k and exported it as wav MS 16 bit…but when I reload the new file I have the 8k rate but with 32 bit floating…why didn’t it save as 16 bit?

It probably did, but by default Audacity imports uncompressed audio as 32 bit float. This is intentional as it provides much higher quality audio processing than 16 bit audio, and avoids other potential problems due to the limited range of values for 16 bit integer data.

It didn’t change to 16 bit … I know this because the file will not work in the software I need it for = Call Center … which only accepts 16 bit 8000 rate wav files. It seems a awfully complicated process to make a simple conversion like this.

If you exported as 16 bit WAV, then it will be 16 bit.
Does Windows show the file format if you right click on the file and select “Properties”?

yes… it is 128kbs so 16 bit but it plays r e a l l y r e a l l y s l o w… why would it do that?

What program are you playing it in? Does it play correctly in Windows Media Player?

I have only played it in Windows 8.1 Media Player… Call Center won’t accept it.

Here is a technically perfect 16 bit 8000 Hz mono WAV (Microsoft PCM) file. It is a metronome click at one click per second for 8 seconds.
Does this play correctly? Does your call centre software accept it?

Here is a 44100 Hz version of the same audio for comparison:

Last night I re-encoded the file on a different Windows 7 computer… and that one worked OK… so I don’t what happened. Regardless… I now have a working file. Thanks for your help!