Setting recording level when importing from a USB turntable?

I am using Windows10 on a Intel(R) Core ™ i7-7700 @ 3.60GHz with 32 GB of Ram, 64 bit operating system and my main drive is a 977GB SSD. I am trying to use Audacity 2.2.2. I am trying to digital my LPs using a Crosley USB turntable. It seems to be working OK, but I can’t control the mic input and it showing the input volume is usually in the red and the wave is constantly going beyond the 1.0/-1.0 so the clipping I’m assuming is bad.

I can’t figure out how to change this. I can set the what I thought controlled that volume, the picture of the mic, but it doesn’t change even with it set all the way of 0.00. Under the preferences I have the device set to Microphone Array (USB Audio Dev and the channels" 2 (Stereo). I think I’ve watch 20 or more YouTube video on had to do this but I’m stumped.

Will a USB player not work with Audacity when it is hooked directly to the computer. Is there something about the USB port input that Audacity can’t use. Any help appreciated!

In general you can’t adjust the USB digital level during recording, except if your system has [u]Microphone Boost[/u] on the USB input, turn it down to 0dB (no gain).

The analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is inside the turntable and if the ADC is clipped, you’re doomed! :imp: I think a few USB turntables have an analog gain/level control in front of the ADC, but it’s rare.

Some records are louder than others, so it may not happen with all records.

Virtually all USB turntables have line-level analog outputs. If you have a desktop/tower computer with a “regular soundcard” you can try the line-inputs.

the wave is constantly going beyond the 1.0/-1.0 so the clipping I’m assuming is bad.

You’re not going over but you’re “trying” to go over and clipping, and yes, that’s bad.