Setting a Tascam dr 05

So basically i went out and got myself a tascam dr 05 for some small film making purposes and as much as i understand most of what going on inside the device, the auto db adjustment bothers me.
It goes from 0 to -45db depending on the noise around it, but i want it to stay at -6 db as thats whats recommended. anyone know how to turn off that auto option and/or set it manually?

Thanks in advance

Did you look at the product’s manual ( ) ? On Page 48 I see:

To enable manual input level adjustment, select OFF or other mode in the level control setting screen

If that does not answer your question here is an address you may find useful: サポート | TASCAM (日本) .



I’ve selected the “off” option, but the db still adjusts automatically

Sorry we are not able to offer support for specific hardware, unless another forum user happens to have the same device. You would probably be best using Tascam’s support as suggested by Gale.

All it says is to turn it off in the level control panel.

I’m out.